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Join our Christmas Appeal – Raise money for halow project to create their new employability scheme

By December 14, 2023December 15th, 2023No Comments

This year we are supporting halow project to raise money to help them create a new employability programme for the people with learning disabilities and autism that they support.

We will match every pound donated on their special Just Giving page until the 20th December*.

This means that anything that you donate to this very worthy cause will be worth double to them.


halow project nurtures young people with learning disabilities and autism to fulfil their potential through exceptional person-centred care in Guildford and the surrounding areas.

It is a charity very close to our hearts as it was founded by five sets of parents, including ours who were all inspired by their special and unique children.

halow gives people the chance to enjoy an active social life, find further educational and employment training through various initiatives and many other things that are seen as ‘normal’ rites of passage by most of us.

The money raised in this campaign has been earmarked to support the charity’s new employability programme, which will launch in early 2024. Neil Wheeler, Managing Director of halow Project, says: “The world of work is not a level playing field for young adults with learning disabilities and autism. Most adults of working age who have learning disabilities are unemployed. halow is passionate about changing that.”

Our sister Harriet has  learning difficulties and she always inspires us to enjoy the small things and push ourselves out of our comfort zones. Over the years, so many of the young people supported by halow have shown us the importance of community, purpose, growth and fun! All things that we wove into the values of our company.

halow is part of the reason that we created Soulspace the way we have and we earmarked this money raised as part of a donation from a family trust in order to contribute to a programme that will hopefully change the lives of many young people as well as benefit the companies they are employed by.

As a member of our community, please JOIN US in supporting halow and know just how much difference your money could make in the future lives of so many young people.

Thank you,

Jessica and Charlotte Meins,
Soulspace Directors


* up to a total of £25,000

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